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Medical approval of anti-stuttering device StutterStop -
detailed response. Watch video online >>>

StutterStop: detailed response of its effectiveness and sucessful results

The device StutterStop has been proven as very effective & useful device
for speech disorders (stuttering, etc.)


The meeting with speech therapists (logopedist)

This section is dedicated to workshops with teachers and speech therapists. (In the near future we plan to publish on our website the most interesting mails and articles regarding speech theraphy). The purpose of such workshops is to share one's experience in overcoming speech defects, to expand the outlook in this area in general, and to combine successfully proved methods with the technical opportunities as they arise.

For example elimination of fear of telephone conversation, finger-type gymnastics with usage of electronic means for conducting speech-rhythmic exercises especially with children. As well as implementing different methodologies to prevent speaking when inhaling.  

One of such workshops was recently held in the town Vladimir (near Moscow) at a special speech boarding school Number 4 for children with heavy speech defects. At this workshop the following speech-therapists were present:

the deputy of the director on UVT,
Bozhkova V.I.

head of logopedists (speech-therapists),
Makarova N.V.

and logopedists:
Shirukova L.V., Mochalova T.A., Mukhina O.S., Davydova K.V., Druzhinina M.V., Egorova T.A., Kanakina E.V., Skvortsova S.V., Tobina N.Y., Kalinina L.V.., Kotova M.V., Hakimov A.A.

The report of M.V. Druzhinina on the device "StutterStop (Golden Voice)" and its overwhelming results in the speech-therapist practice was delivered and was received with the highest regard.


21st December 2006 in Moscow 's Institute of Psychology of Russian Academy of Education a conference "Stuttering" took place on the following: Stutter: Modern problems and challenges, studying and overcoming it. (In the memory of U.B.Nekrasova, the famous author of Immediate llluminating of Stutter). This conference was organized with the support of the Defectology Faculty of MGPU.

At this conference Hakimov A.A. presented a report on the "Role of innovative technological devices for  overcoming of stutter".
(Video on device for overcoming of stutter by Hakimov A.A - watch online >>>)







The device "StutterStop (Golden Voice)" by inventor/developer Khakimov A.A. has been approved by a group of teachers-logopedists of a special speech boarding school Number 4 V-type from  Vladimir. Among a contingent of pupils there are children with heavy speech defects. The device "StutterStop (Golden Voice)" is efficient, effective, compact and user-friendly. It works on a basis of lengthening the vowel sounds and an adjustable delay of a audio input. The presence of the built-in metronome allows the device to be used for rhythmic speech, tonoclone stutter, tahilaliya, bradilaliya, at the pathologies of speech caused by an overstrain of one's voice. The device "StutterStop'' (Golden Voice) also proved as being highly successful for work with children having a light to average degree of diz-arthriya, that is characterized by the pressurized, forced or faltering speech with phonation on breathin in.

The device "StutterStop'' (Golden Voice) is extremely effective for the correction of stutter, and for the above-listed defects of speech. On account of such high accolades received, we consider it highly desirable these devices are used in our educational establishments and in other specialized organizations connected with correction of speech.


Director: Velikanova I.N

The Deputy director on UVR: Bozhkova V.I.

Head of teachers-logopedists: Makarova N.V


Photos of the detailed response (scanned orginal below) on results of the device "StutterStop (Golden Voice)" which was on probation from September 2006 till February. In 2007 it was received officially in special correctional speech schools.

The detailed response on results of the device "StutterStop




Contact Details of Hakimov A.:
Phone: +7 916 373 10-27;  E-mail:


If you want to learn more about the anti-stuttering device StutterStop and receive more tips and information on how to improve your speech, please contact us.


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