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When you want the most effective & the best-priced affordable speech device


Attention to international distributors and speech-related companies: we are looking for cooperation wtih organizations interested in our products. Stuttering treatment with StutterStop!

Special Action "FREE WORD" -
meant to help you to free You from problems in your life
connected with stuttering.


Contact us with more details about your stutter (when it began, whether it was ever treated, what problems in your life it causes (personal, social and business life)

Receive Your StutterStop Device at a Very SPECIAL Price: 350 USD.
Usual price is 500 USD.


Stuttering treatment: anti-stammering device StutterStop directly from the inventor
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Details of StutterStop

Anti-Stuttering Device "StutterStop":
Operating time 60 hours .
Time or re-charge 2-3 hours.
The price of a single units is 500 USD (only at our SPECIAL ACTION you can get it at a very good discount - contact us)
Special Price during the time of Anti-Stuttering Action "Free Word" - for validated pensioners, invalids and medical organizations: 349 USD.

N.B.: All prices exclude packaging, postage and possible taxes.


*More info on metronome at: /Metronome

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Stutter free: special action to help stutterers: anti stuttering device a low price. Share your story as a stutterer and receive a great discount. Stutter No More!